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Fiber internet service is coming to Martin!

Project Updates

Engineering: The next step in bringing fiber to Martin

The engineering phase has begun in WK&T’s project to bring world-class communications services to the city of Martin. Vehicles from Palmetto Engineering and Consulting that are marked with the WK&T logo have begun appearing in the city, traveling the streets and parked along roadsides. Palmetto’s crew is currently surveying the Martin area and designing the […]

Follow the Progress: Phase 1 Is Underway

WK&T crews have begun Phase 1 of bringing a cutting-edge fiber optic network to Martin. In this important first step, WK&T is installing 12 miles of fiber along Highway 45 that will connect Martin with the cooperative’s existing network in Fulton. In the next 12 to 18 months, WK&T will install approximately 150 miles of […]

WK&T partners with Martin for fiber

Innovative system will control costs and increase efficiency MAYFIELD, Kentucky — The WK&T Telecommunications Cooperative board of directors is pleased to announce the collaborative project with the city of Martin in Weakley County, Tennessee, to build a fiber network that would allow the city to read water and gas meters remotely. The meter-reading network would […]

Fiber Changes Lives


WK&T operates a 100-percent fiber network. Many telecommunications providers use fiber in their network to connect their equipment in the field, but WK&T has taken the extra step of delivering fiber all the way to the homes and businesses of every customer.

The Benefits of Fiber

  • • Provides faster connection speeds
  • • Is less susceptible to outages caused by weather, vibrations or shock
  • • Increased home value
  • • Allows homeowners to connect more devices simultaneously thanks to increased bandwidth
  • • Offers better security since fiber doesn't radiate signals and is difficult to tap
  • • Is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference from nearby electrical machinery
  • • Provides a private connection that is not shared with other homeowners or businesses
  • • Costs less in the long run, as it is less expensive to maintain and has little downtime
  • • Eliminates the need to build new cable in order to upgrade network performance

Who is WK&T

WK&T is a progressive telecommunications provider. Across its 100% fiber-to-the-home network, WK&T delivers high-speed broadband internet, digital TV, phone and related services to citizens and businesses of West Kentucky and Tennessee.

In 2009, WK&T pursued and was awarded a $123.8 million loan/grant from RUS to construct its fiber-to-the-home network. This transformed the company, enabling it to connect members with the most technologically advanced telecommunications network to meet the today's sophisticated broadband needs.

Tech Tips

Wired vs. Wireless: Choosing the network that’s right for you

Despite the numerous arguments waged over the pros and cons of wired versus wireless Internet connections, the answer is actually quite simple: they both work well and your unique situation is what will determine which connection will work best for your home or business. But before you decide, it’s important to know the facts. Wired […]

What kind of connection do I need?

Why does my Internet speed seem slower? I haven’t changed anything; has my connection gotten weaker? Do I need a faster connection? These are questions we get all the time at the WK&T Technology Store, and often times the problem comes from members adding devices to their network without changing their connection speed. Think about […]


The City of Martin is a wonderful Tennessee community blessed with progressive leaders who are ready to move to the city into a solid future – powered by a fiber network. Learn more about Martin (named one of Tennessee's safest cities in 2016), government services, community events and more by visiting the city's official website.